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« on: July 14, 2019, 02:53:07 PM »
Have been doing some work in the Memphis Racing History page both the Facebook page and the website.

In the days before Facebook, we had forums such as this one and we had chatrooms. 

My primary purpose for the chatroom would be able to have one on one interviews with people who have made a significant mark on the history of racing in the Memphis area.

But it is a waste to have the room to go unused the majority of the time.

Looking for input as to if anyone would be interested in having a weekly scheduled chat session.

If so I will set aside time for General Race chat and then a time for each particular form of racing.

The forum of racing with the most interest will, of course, get their first choice when it comes to a particular night for their chat. Just because I have a history in Dirt track does not mean that dirt track will automatically get the first choice in chat nights. The first choice of nights must be earned and it will go to the form which has the most interest in having a chat session.

Please stop by the Facebook page and give your input on this subject.